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Our company who specializes in fire extinguisher sector was established in 1980 in Turkey/Istanbul. We have been active in the fire industry approximately for 30 years.

NORD DESIGN is the worldwide manufacturer of filling, testing and maintenance machines. Our products are produced according to the national and international standards. We also specialize in designing and producing new types of machines according to our customer needs.

Nowadays NORD DESIGN is one of the international companies able to supply such a wide range of equipment for fire extinguishers and oxygen cylinders maintenance, testing and filling. We have become an expert reference for the fire industry.

Our company's fundamental policy and principle is to satisfy our customers by fullfilling their demands, requirements accurately and on time.

who we are

As one of the leader companies in Turkey with our selective team since 1980, it is our policy to produce and improve new and high-qualified machines based on customer-focused strategy.

NORD DESIGN designs various types of filling, testing and maintenance machines. Our designers and specialists work in accordance with international standards. We analyse industry demands with our engineering specialists and respond to customer requests rapidly.

Our employees have a great role in our success. We value their proficiency, expertise, knowledge and vision. Driven by the imagination and enthusiasm of our employees, our company's potential is unlimited.  We treat all our employees with respect and trust, and them lead through competence, creativity and teamwork.

What we do

After analyzing the existing state of the market NORD DESIGN has been established to answer the needs of the industry. Our company focuses on manufacture of various types of machines, sales and marketing operations and the export sales.

NORD DESIGN is the ONLY company in TURKEY that produces machines for the industry.  All types of testing and drying machine have been designed for the use of oxygen tubes manufacturers too.

Our company is designing and producing fire extinguisher dry powder manufacturing facility suitable for your existing production plant. For dustless and rapid production, every manufacturer of fire extinguisher must have one of these facilities. We can also redesign our customer's production flow according to the lean production principles.  We can produce new types of machines according to their request.
How we do it
NORD DESIGN is providing a fast response to customer expectations with qualified and professional work principals. Our company always sticks to the lead time that we are promised not to put our customers on the spot.

NORD DESIGN is a customer-focused company responsive, sensitive to cultural realities and driven to exceed our customers expectations. Quality is our signature and we take pride in everything we do. Above all, we are honorable in our actions, and we hold honesty and integrity as our guiding principles.

Our price policy is provides the best quality product at a competitive price.  We offer the best price to the high qualified products in our sector.

We stick to our competition ethics and put our products through to our customers economically.
We manufacture high qualified and durable machines by using the latest technology according to our customers needs.  All of our products are produced according to the national / international standards any need of guarantee.  Without any maintenance and repairing our machines work a long and continous amount of time. 

We also think it is important for our customers to know how to operate their equipment properly and receive the support they need for their particular application from us. As it is our goal is to support our customers success. NORD DESIGN provides you with all sorts of technical guardiance after sale service.
For the better quality of life, NORD DESIGN is committed to environmental care.

NORD DESIGN maintains all its activities by sticking to the "environment friendly production" principle.

Besides using material and production technologies which do not pollute the environment and minimize adverse effects on the environment with recycling possibilities.
Professional Works
Competitive Price
Excellent Results
Environmental Care
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