"Conveyor Belt"
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Conveyor Belt is a connection unit  between each machine which is designed for the safely, quick and easy transfer of the products between machines.  

Conveyor Belt eliminates unnecessary pauses in the production and it offers quick and lean manufacturing stream with low manpower.  By the advantage of this connection unit,  activities that do not add value to the production process like holding of stock, unnecessary movement of people and product around the plant, will be decrease.

This conveyor belt moves fully automatic by its special sensors. Belt starts to move automatically when the operator  put on the cylinder. It stops automatically when the cylinder reach to the end point. When the operator take the cylinder from the end point it starts to move again till the other cylinder come to the end point. So you do not need to start or stop the machine.
We also fitted  a counter to the machine. It will count every cylinder which pass from the belt. So you can control the quantity of the cylinder that you have produced from the control panel.

Standard length of the machine is 2.3 m. According to our customer request we can change the length of the conveyor.

Ancillary machine

Conveyor Belt is designed for the safely and quick transfer of the products between machines.

This product offers you faster and lean manufacturing stream  by eliminating pauses in production.

It is fully automatic: You only need to place the cylinder.

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Conveyor Belt user Video
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