"Facility Planning"
The objective of facility planning is managing the physical constants in the most appropriate way and bringing production lines into consonance with lean production by minimizing wastes. A facility that is planned and designed according to facilities planning principles utilizes effectively people, equipment, space and energy. Also provides ease and flexibility for maintenance. Most importantly it will reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by being easy to do the business with conforming to customer promises and responding to customer needs. Furthermore, a facility which designed according to facility planning principles, provides employees more safety and ergonomic conditions and job satisfaction.

NORD DESIGN analyses your plant and all the production lines to make the best plan. We first identify and analyse the plant to find the best solutions. and abstract them with the customers. According to the preference of the customer, we are developing the best solution for the plant. NORD DESIGN is realizing the implementation of the right facility plan.

To use the plant more efficient, NORD DESIGN can redesign the machines or design new machines according to customer request. Also our company is able to design new connection lines to the plant.  Our objective is to redesign the plant in the best and efficient way.
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