"Leak Test M-04"
Technical Informations

Leak Test M-04 is serve for Filled and pressurized fire extinguisher cylinders (portable and wheeled) leak testing.

During the production, operator faults or poor raw materials may cause leakages.  ( o-ring..etc)  By using this automatic machine, operator can easily find out the defected extinguisher.

Leak Test M-04 (final product) machine may test portable and wheeled extinguishers (1kg-50kg). Capacity of the machine is changeable according to the size of the cylinders. As you can see photo, 5 pcs 6Kg portable and a wheeled extinguisher can be easily tested contemporary.

This machine consist of  two parts. One part for portable extinguishers, other part for the wheeled ones.  According to customer demands Nord Design can design both parts for portable extinguishers or wheeled extinguisher.

Operator only needs to place the extinguishers to the plate then by pushing a button, plate enters to the water tank automatically and the test starts. The cylinders penetrate to the water and as the cylinders are  pressurized you can easily see the bubbles if there is a leakage.  After 2 minutes plate comes to the start point. You can use several times the same water that inside the tank.

On the other hand operator need to place the wheeled cylinder to the other part of the machine and by pushing a button, watertight testing apparatus goes down to the top of the wheeled extinguisher and it filled with water. As the extinguisher is pressurized you can easily see the bubbles if there is a leakage.

Based on the customer request, a drying apparatus may be fitted to the machine  so you do not need to wait before printing operation. As soon as you finish the test, you can directly print labels on the cylinders.

Leak Test M-04
Leakage testing machine (Final product)

Leak Test M-04 is an automatic machine for final product testing.

Leak Test M-04 is used to avoid from the leakages that occurred during the production (operator faults or poor raw materials may cause leakages)

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