"Dry Chemical Powder Production Plant"
Technical Informations

Nord Design can also produce automatic dry chemical powder production plant suitable for your existing production area. This special plant provides you to produce high qualified dry chemical powder(ABC/BC) for fire extinguisher cylinders.

The plant allows you to obtain a higher quality product at a lower cost. By the advantage of this plant it is possible to produce high qualified fire extinguisher dry chemical powder in less time.

Dry chemical powder producing plant has six different stations. All these stations are connected to each other by screw conveyors. To start the production, operator needs to put the raw material manually then by pushing a button manufacturing starts.

Daily production (8hr) capacity of  this plant is 1500 kg. This means you will have 72 pcs paper bags (20 kg)  at the end of  8 hours. 

The production flow of the dry chemical is shown below.

Dry Chemical Powder Production
Production Plant

The plant allows you to obtain a higher quality product at a lower cost, in less time.
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During the manufacturing, operator only needs to check the production from the control table.  Automatic feed of the raw material is also available. According to our customer's request we can add this station to the plant too. 

The filling station of the production plant provides you to sack your dry chemical powder to the 20 kgs paper bags or paper sacks.

A special system is added to the plant to avoid foreign substances from the powder. And also this system allows to produce pure dry chemical powder.

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