"Speedy Fill Pro"
Technical Informations

Speedy Fill Pro is designed for charging and discharging of dry powders from sacks to portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.

Speedy Fill Pro powered by 0,75  kw blower (threephase) so it provides powerfull filling and long term use without maintenance operation under normal circumstances. 

The machine helps to clean up the process and streamline it. It makes the filling and discharging operations more efficient and simple.

Speedy Fill Pro permits the operator to work in small rooms or in proper equipped vans without polluting the air. A filtration unit is fitted inside the machine and allows to keep the powder and air apart, avoiding any environment contamination. A special vibration system controlled by electronic card also attached to the filtration unit for self powder cleaning.

Speedy Fill Pro
Dry powder filling machine

Speedy Fill Pro is designed for the transfer/regeneration of BC/ABC extinguisher powders from bigbags to any extinguisher that is currently on the market.

The machine makes your process more efficient and simple.

It provides long term use without maintenance operation.
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Speedy Fill Pro User Video
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