"Super Filler"
Super Filler
Dry powder filling machine

Super Filler designed for filling of dry powders from bunker to portable extinguishers.

Purpose of the machine is rapid, dustless and accurate filling.

Filling operation will start by pushing a button and stop automatically.

By the advantage of Internet connection, remote machine access is possible.

Technical Informations

The purpose of the system is dustless and rapid filling of dry powder. Operator only needs to insert the fire extinguishing cylinder manually, then the filling operation will start by pushing a button and the filling operation will be ended automatically. It also states the tare automatically.

This is a complete system with a bunker. System allows to feed the bunker up to 800kg and then it allows the operator to fill the portable fire extinguisher from 1 kg to 12 kg. Once the bunker filled, it gives long working time without any stop. Volume of the bunker can change according to the customer needs.

The quantity to be filled in to the extinguisher can be setted and measured accurately by a digital scale. Change over to another type of cylinder is possible in short time.

Now the control panel is designed as touch screen. By the advantage of it is new panel, switching  extinguisher types ( 1kg,2kg,6kg..etc) become more easy. Also it has different language features. So now,  it is much more easy to control and operate the machine. 

We have strengthen the control panel with pictures and signals. Machine will warn you by alarms and attention signs if there is a problem. (e.i. attention! blower termic)

The new model of the super filler can be connected to the internet with ethernet cable. This function provide us remote machine access. If  there is a problem and you cannot solve it by yourself, you only need to connect the machine to the internet with Ethernet cable and inform us regarding the problem. Accordingly we will connect to the machine and solve the problem.

Also if you can connect your machine to the internet all the time, machine will send us a report if there is a problem. So we will learn the problem before you. and we will solve it automatically.

System is using vacuum blower and filtration unit to feed the bunker. Also the bunker is equipped with a propeller which can twist the dry powder. By using this propeller, system will avoid the congestions which may slow down the filling speed. We suggest our customers to actuate periodically this propeller for the best practice.

System has two different vacuum blowers and motors. One to feed the bunker and one for filling the extinguisher. Also a solenoid vibrator attached to filtration unit for self powder cleaning. You can find all the technical specifications below.

Based on the customer request; a computer reporting system can be added to the machine which enables the customer control the filling operations easily. It gives reports on daily, monthly and annual basis that makes the system more efficient.

Automatic feeding option of this machine is also available.

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