"Valve Pressure Test"
Technical Informations

Valve Pressure Test is an automatic machine for fire extinguisher valve testing  of 6 pcs valves contemporary with a test pressure up to 10 bar. Leakage testing is necessary to check the welding

Valve Pressure Test is equipped with a water storage tank.  To start the machine, the operator needs to place fire extinguisher valves to the machine. Then, by pushing a button, water tank moves up automatically, all the valves penetrate to the water and valves are pressurized with air automatically. If there is a leakage, bubbles will come to the surface of the water. So operator can easily see the defective valve.

At the end of the test water storage tank goes down and the pressure inside the valve is emptied automatically. Then the operator can takes the valve and separate the defective ones. 

Water that inside the tank can be use several times so water wasting is prevented.

Valve Pressure Test
Test Machine

Valve Pressure Test is an automatic machine for valve testing of 6 pcs valves contemporary.

Valve Pressure Test is used for the easy and fast valve testing with test pressures up to 10 bar

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