"Work Center M-03"
Work Center M-03
Auto Pressurizing and tightening machine

Work Center (M-03) is designed for the automatic valve tightening and the pressurizing of portable fire extinguishers.

It enables automatic, fast and safe tightening and pressurizing.

By its new design Tightening and Pressurizing operations will be done in a few seconds.

Technical Informations

Work Center (M-03) serves for the automatic valve tightening and the pressurizing of portable fire extinguisher cylinders (1kg to 12 kg). This is the upgraded model of the Work Center M-01/M-02. Now the pressurizing and the tightening is also automatic.

Nord Design is the ONLY producer of this type of machine in all over the world. Work Center provide you to complete two important steps of the fire extinguisher filling by one machine. Accordingly manpower, money and time will be saved.

By pushing a button, system fix the cylinder with pneumatic clamping and the tightening operation starts. For the exact turning moment of the different cylinders the machine is equipped with adjustable torque cut-off.

According to our customer's valve type, different fitting adapters for the torque wrench can be designed.

When the tightening operation is finished operator need to change the direction of the cylinder and the speedy nitrogen gun will be available and pressurizing operation will start by pushing a button. System will pressurize the cylinder with nitrogen via the valve through the riser pipe. The pressure is controlled by a manometer.

Fire extinguishers will be pressurized with nitrogen by a very special gun named Speedy Nitrogen. Speedy Nitrogen does not require any installation or adjustments. Put the gun to the valve and press the button to start the pressurizing. Speedy Nitrogen enables fast and easy pressurizing.

The machine is equipped with a protective glass for the industrial accident prevention. Work Center permits fast and safe tightening and pressurizing.

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